Exploring “ARIKA” (whereabouts) ~Pursuing Dance, Music and Words

Two emerging artists in their field, former dancer of the Forsythe Company,SHIMAJI Yasutake and TAMAKI ROY who is a rapper/ musician are establishing new style of live performance to breakdown the fixed ideas of genres.

It is a journey to explore the origin of dance, rhythm and words.
Dance, music, and words, which comes in first? With the development of human beings, were those dance, music and words also generated at same timing ?
By categorizing the genres, dance and music has been developed separately. Focusing on the roots of dance and music, contemporary performance existence is reviewed.
That is how the existence of dancer, SHIMAJI Yasutake and rapper TAMAKI ROY, as well as audience who live in the contemporary age will also know where we are now.


In September 2017, tour in Japan

KAAT Dance Series 2017

Kanagawa Arts Theatre
08. September 19:30
09. September 14:00
10. September 14:00

Kasugai Civic Cultural Foundation

Kasugai Civic Cultural Foundation
15. September 19:00
16. September 14:00

Chiryu Public Theater

Chiryu Public Theater
18. September 14:00

Yamaguchi Center for Arts Media

Yamaguchi Center for Arts Media
23. September 19:00
24. September 14:00

SHIMAJI Yasutake : Dancer/Choreographer


Started dancing under the influence of "Dance Koshien (Japanese TV program)". Graduated from Department of Theater at Nihon University College of Art. Studied dance under KATO Miyako. After participating in works by YAMAZAKI Kota, UESHIMA Yukio, NOUMI Kenshi, SUZUKI Minoru, CARMEN Werner, and others, joined Noism led by KANAMORI Jo from 2004 - 2006 and played main part. In 2006, joined THE FORSYTHE COMPANY (Germany・Frankfurt) led by WILLIAM Forsythe. Currently active in the Company. Also engages energetically in creative activities and workshops in Japan. In 2013, started "Altneu" unit with SAKAI Hana.

TAMAKI Roy : Composer /Rapper


Born in 1981 in Miyagi, Japan. Based in Tokyo.He mainly creates music based pieces. He has released 5 CDs including the latest CD “Nagi”. He performs rap performance in music festivals both domestically and internationally such as Fuji Rock Festival and Big Mountain Music Festival in Thailand and other venues. He has collaborated artists such as CHINZA DOPENESS,HASUNUMA Shunta Phil, Sakanaction, YUKI, U-zhaan, Buffalo Daughter,and SAKAMOTO Miyu.
He has presented genre-transversed installation pieces, and performance pieces as well as music for advertisement.
In 2013, performance piece, 「IKUTSUMONO ISSYO」was presented at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, exhibition room 14.
Music video “Wonderful” was selected as a Jury Committee Recommendation Piece of the 17th Japan Media Art of Agency of Culture, Japan. He is the winner of ”sine.sign” Takamatsu media art festival Best Award in 2015.


Direction/Perfomance : SHIMAJI Yasutake , TAMAKI ROY
Choreograhy : SHIMAJI Yasutake
Composed : TAMAKI ROY
Lighting design : WATANABE Takashi
Stage maneger : SEKOGUCHI Yoshinori(Aichi Prefecture Art Theater), NIHEI Haruka(Kanai Odogu NAGOYA J.V.)
Photo : GOTOH Takahiro
Graphic design : MITSUMA Shoko
Web design : ISHIGURO Rui(gm projects)
Costume Design : YOKOYAMA Daisuke(Sasquatchfabrix.)
Sound Design : OKA Naoto
Producer : KARATSU Eri(Aichi Prefecture Art Theater)
Production Management : KATO Ai(Aichi Prefecture Art Theater)
Coopreration : HIROTA Fumi

Planning and Production : Aichi Prefecture Art Theater
World Premier : 22th April,2016 Aichi Prefecture Art Theater, Mini-Theater.


Contact : Aichi Prefecture Art Theater(KARATSU Eri)
e-mail :
Phone : +81-52-971-5609(10:00~18:00)
FAX : +81-52-971-5541